Joe Biden Faces Setbacks on His Quest to become US President

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Joe Biden Faces Setbacks on His Quest to become US President
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6 August 2019
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The Democratic Party’s main candidate for the US presidential election in 2020 is facing major setbacks.

Biden’s campaign is being tested by the mixed opinions within the Democratic Party, according to the AP source in Detroit.

It grew stronger after Wednesday’s “bitter debate” among candidates.

This debate addressed issues such as health, immigration, and racial divide.

“A show”, stated AP, which tested the real strength of the former US Vice-president’s candidacy.

Biden is leading favorable opinions so far.

Yet, he has had to defend several times his political history under the administration of Barack Obama.

Any argument? His eight-year link with that administration are not enough to justify his nomination in 2020.

In this second debate, Biden was toughly questioned by Senator Kamala Harris, California.

What’s his viewpoint?

The relationship nurtured by Biden with followers of racial segregation in the Senate in the 1970s, could halt the development of candidates representing ethnic minorities to political positions.

In critical times, Biden (76), mentioned his nexus with Obama. “We are talking about things that happened long, long time ago. Nonetheless, Barack Obama knew who I was.”

In this regard, AP wrote:

Dynamics show the challenges that Biden and his Party will face “while Democrats work hard to rebuild the young and multiracial coalition that helped Obama win two elections.”

And later added: “the debate unmasked such differences, from health services and immigration to women’s reproductive rights.”

Nonetheless, the racial issue got plenty of attention in this second presidential debate before the primaries.

The surveys shows that Biden has much more supporters among voters from ethnic minorities than his opponents, especially in the crucial state of South Carolina, where voting takes place earlier.

But, observers forgot to mention a very significant detail: while there are 20 candidates for the Democratic Party, there is only one on the other side: Donald Trump.

This is where, right now, Joe Biden’s electoral quest stands.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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