Clash of Trump... Now with Mexico

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Clash of Trump... Now with Mexico
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18 June 2019
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Once again the current President of the United States proceeds brutally dealing with other.

Now it was Mexico’s turn, to which Donald Trump threatened to impose additional tariffs to its exports if they don’t diminish the arrival to U.S. territory of very poor and hungry people.

After bilateral contacts, Trump spoke openly of a supposed "secret agreement” between both parts.

Something denied, also publicly by the Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard.

Reports from the Spanish news agency EFE underlined on Wednesday that the official added: "everything that it was discussed was disclosed on Friday".

The same source also said that, Trump assured that his “secret agreement” with Mexico will be implemented "whenever he wants."

He therefore contradicted the announcement done by the Mexican government, and him saying: "The pact will go into effect after the U.S. Congress ratifies it."

Previously, the Mexican president, Manuel López Obrador, announced the deployment of 6,000 guards to brake immigration and avoid Trump’s tariffs.

EFE revealed that, just about he was leaving the White House bound to Iowa, Trump took out from his jacket a folded sheet of paper.

"This is the agreement everybody says I don't have. I will let Mexico to do the announcement [on its content] at the right time", he said.

Marcelo Ebrard, chancellor of the Aztec nation, reiterated this Monday his negative as for the existence of some commitment.

Yet, as if he hasn’t seen neither listened, Trump has continued repeating his version.

"This is a page of a very long and very good agreement between Mexico and the United States", highlighted the leader. On the other hand, Ebrard said that the Mexican Government doesn't want to make public the agreement yet because its content would "have to undergo [the approval of] its legislative body".

A graphic reporter for The Washington Post made an extended copy of such document.

In the copy could be read the final part that seemed signed by a North American official and another Mexican, where there were not great revelations.

Those paragraphs indicate that both countries attempt to "share the load regarding the prosecution of immigrants."

In turn they mention the Mexican Government's possibility to identify variants in their "laws and regulations."

It also confirms what their chancellor said in advance, to evaluate in the coming 45 days the breakthroughs in the control of the migratory flow.

While, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, informed in a hearing carried out in the Senate that last Tuesday he was on the phone with Ebrard and he assured that they will continue speaking "every day" to implement the agreement.

Another sign on how complex it is.

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