Havana 500: A Woman in the Mirror of the City

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Havana 500: A Woman in the Mirror of the City
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9 June 2019
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Every day the painter, complete artist which is Ileana Mulet looks more like Havana, that dreamt city painted from deep eyes not at all blind, of love; those eyes searching for beauty, givers of beauty.

—What Havana have you painted?

—Maestro Harold Gramatge, prominent Cuban musician regrettably deceased, at one of my exhibitions, he wrote:

«Mulet led by the hand by angels and demons slowly finds dreamt images that she captures in wide spaces, where she mocks dimensions to put together, superimposing them, solid stones, walls, streets, stairways, towers, windows, arches, bell towers and, sometimes, human and animal shapes, opening spaces as if heaven’s infinite dimension was brought down to earth».

«That complex intricacy takes possession of my creative process and takes me to travel its passions and turn them into creation».

—The presence of the city is very clear in plastic arts, but you are a versatile artist. How much of the city is there in the poetry?

—Everything gets mingled as if it were a Creole mojito, and poems are written that never cease to mention the immensity of Colonial Havana.

I think our “wonder” city is viewed by us creators, as describes it the journalist and art critic, María del Mar López Cabrales:

«Havana is a city full of life that gives the sensation, at least to the traveler, that it works; it’s a place that can have blackouts, water cuts, collapsing of walls in buildings, destruction by hurricanes, but where people are in the streets, walk, go to stores, buys, sells, offers services to other pedestrians and, mainly, constantly communicates. Havana is a city that never sleeps. A place easy to take the pace, a space where there’s still an intense cultural life: Theater shows every weekend, the incomparable National Ballet with Alicia Alonso as leader in each presentation, concerts of the best Jazz music in different pubs like La Zorra y el Cuervo, the Jazz Café or El Gato Tuerto, bookstores, presentations of books and acts of new troubadours almost every day, shooting of new movies or film cycles dedicated to different directors or different genres, exhibitions of painting. Havana is a place full of life, where is difficult to get bored or remain dauntless because at every turn there’s something that catches the eye and makes you be alert».

—In your life, in your personality, as adoptive daughter what has Havana left in you?

—The city welcomed me when I was little; coming from afar; confused among its bustling inhabitants at the beginning it was not easy for me to walk. Then, slowly I have lifted a castle of hopes that my unusual and lyrical work, rewarded.

«Today I dream of mounting in a big wheel, one of those that helped free the slaves in La Demajagua; I open the eyes and reality returns cracks that inhabit in the complexity of artists; then shapes surface and wonderful real colors ».

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