Imagine Venezuela, according to Elliott Abrams

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Imagine Venezuela, according to Elliott Abrams
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30 April 2019
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US Special Envoy for Venezuela Elliott Abrams reiterated Thursday the vision of the future that the empire proposes for the South American country and made a new and open call to the overthrow of legitimate President Nicolas Maduro.

In a speech delivered before the Atlantic Council in Washington and in the style of the old carrot policy, Abrams promised "high levels of prosperity and great benefits in case a government change takes place in Venezuela".

"In the future, billions of dollars will be invested in Venezuela to rebuild the agricultural and industrial sectors", Abrams predicted. "What is stopping the beginning of the rebuilding and reconciliation? [...] The short answer is: Nicolás Maduro", a note published Friday by Russia Today outlines.

According to the dispatch, the special envoy affirmed he shares the view of that nation’s self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó, about a Venezuela "where liberty reigns", and described it in detail.

Cynically, Abrams said: "Imagine a Venezuela without blackouts and with clean water”. They are some of the “improvements” that Abrams asked to figure out for a Venezuela without Bolivarian Revolution, at the same time that he admitted “it will not be an easy or quick project, but yes, it is possible”.

But Abrams "forgot" to review the context and say, for example, that the affectations to power and water services, shortage and in short, the ordeal that according to the US government and its regional stooges the Venezuelan people is living, result from an ongoing and increasingly aggressive economic and political war, led from Washington against the Bolivarian Revolution.

It is about the implementation of a State Terrorism that has used all ways and mechanisms to erase from the terrestrial map the example of independence and self-determination of Venezuelans: economic sanctions, sabotages to the main economic items, persecution to financial assets, selective blows that cause scarcity in the sectors that hit the population the most, such as food and health, attempts of political isolation, diplomatic sanctions, promotion and money for subversion, media war, which complete a long list of all kind of aggressions....

Of course, activities and practices that Abrams knows and directs. As analysis website recalls in a recent article, the envoy for Venezuela recently confirmed to the press of his country that the Department of State and other agencies of US government were monitoring the commercial and financial activities of Venezuela, including shipping companies and banks that were related to the country, to state “they should not do that".

Abrams’s cynical statements were quickly bared by Venezuelan FM Jorge Arreaza in a press conference from the United Nations: “It is as Mr. Elliot Abrams says. He told me that and has publicly said so: “Since the coup d’état failed, now we are seeking the collapse of your economy”.

But one cannot make a lot of effort to imagine the Venezuela that Abrams and his government dream of. As I recently wrote, after fabricating the demonization and suffocation of the Bolivarian process for years, the bright future they yearn for Venezuela is just the restoration of the “natural order”: its return to the fold of subservience and dependence of Latin American “backyard”, as well as to the long neoliberal night lived by the region, which made it the most unequal in the world in terms of wealth distribution. So we already know, history has demonstrated it like that: “the millions of dollars and high levels of prosperity” that Abrams promises for Venezuela will not come in rivers of money neither to hills surrounding Caracas nor to the poorest and most disadvantaged areas, those that have been the core of the resurrection of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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