May Day: Patriotism in every corner of Cuba

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May Day: Patriotism in every corner of Cuba
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29 April 2019
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There are many reasons to celebrate the International Workers’ Day (May Day) in our country, being an imposing popular march one of them. Holguin’s secretary-general of the Education Union, Mrs. Maria Victoria Martinez Zaldivar, and youngsters Eduardo Ramirez Garcia and Lester Collado Rolo, from Guantanamo and Havana, respectively, have shared with CubaSi their reasons to attend early in the morning to the Squares of their provinces to ratify their support to the Cuban Revolution.

Eduardo Ramirez is working at the provincial office Comptrollership and when I asked him about the features of the Revolution Square in his province —Revolution Square Mariana Grajales— he pointed out that it was even praised by Army General Raul Castro himself as its areas and surroundings have been successfully used with sports courts and other premises.

Eduardo celebrates this date with his family every year. It is like a “family tradition.” He noted that when he was studying in the University of Oriente, in Santiago de Cuba, he rather returned home and marched in Guantanamo accompanied by his parents and friends.

“As a worker, I continue this practice. I have a six-years-old daughter and she always comes with me. Actually, I like it. I am a political agitator. Hence, I voice all my revolutionary slogans here. Those people born in Guantanamo are natural, self-confident. That is why I love to be with my people, my friends.

As a patriot, I believe this is a historical date as we just adopted the new Constitution of the Republic, which was vastly supported by the people. We are also celebrating the first year in office of our President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, and now the Empire has strengthened his hostility against our nation with the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act. That is why our response is the same we had in Baragua: If they dare to invade Cuba, we will answer appropriately.

Maria Victoria, leader devoted to the union work for several years in her home city of Holguin, detailed she has been attending to May Day celebrations in the Revolution Square Calixto Garcia for more than thirty years.

“I always do it with enthusiasm, love, and devotion to the Revolution. I was born and raised here amid this process. My parents —both humbled citizens— raised me up with those convictions that made me feel and revolutionary in every scenery. That is why I will be in the march from 4:00 am along with my people. It is an honor!

Working at the University of Computing Sciences (UCI), Lester Collado ratified his commitment. “As the secretary of the UCI union bureau, this date has a huge impact for us. This is going to be the first popular march after the approval of the Constitution last April 10, and the support our people gave by voting YES on February 24.

How does it affect me personally? It is always an experience. The night before we barely sleep. The departure time is early in the morning and we wake our comrades up little by little. Generally speaking, the university mobilizes 2,000-3,000 people while others students and workers joined the bloc in the Revolution Square Jose Marti. It is a wonderful party. And we, the young people, enjoy a lot.”

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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