The U.S., Venezuela, and the new world of puppets

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The U.S., Venezuela, and the new world of puppets
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15 April 2019
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After the failures of the allegedly humanitarian aid, the persistent appeals to the Armed Forces to surrender to the Empire, and the ongoing sabotage to the power system in Venezuela, the U.S. is trying now to oxygenate the increasingly deflated reputation of its puppet in Venezuela.

Last Monday, the OAS (Organization of American States), under the sponsorship of Washington, adopted a resolution where a representative of Juan Guaido could be admitted in such political body. The next day, the U.S. summoned the UN Security Council to demand —in the words of the U.S. Vice President Mike Pence— such body to recognize Guaido as the legit President of Venezuela.

If we take into account that the Bolivarian government requested its withdrawal from OAS —this action should be finally implemented on April 27— and the fact that Russia and China are two friendly nations of Venezuela with the right of veto in the UN Security Council, the attempt to relaunch the U.S. puppet can only be understood as a media stunt to keep the faith of fools alive with regards to the supporter of the coup.

As the ambassador of Venezuela stated at UN, there are several countries not supporting the U.S. in its hostile behavior against Caracas and some of those backing Washington, are now hesitating.

“They believed the story that Juan Guaido —head of an Assembly in contempt— was going to rise to power the following day he proclaimed himself acting President. However, this man has no power at all. He controls nothing in Venezuela,” Moncada stated.

Last March 29, the Anti-Chavez news website El Nuevo Herald, confirmed that “the enthusiasm in some U.S. circles and several diplomats with the emergence of Juan Guaido and the expectation of Nicolas Maduro’s departure has become now a source of frustration as Maduro remains in office and there are concerns over the interference of Russia and China, according to sources.”

But the Empire is now shaking the strings of its puppets. And ironically, it is increasingly evident to the international community that the “self-proclaimed” puppet was imposed.

Blinded by its hegemonic arrogance, the U.S. will do everything in its power to refute the failure, as the heroic resistance of the Venezuelan people has become a sort of referendum. Hence, the U.S. will persist on its idea to turn the present global order into a puppet theater.

In this regard, as the Army General Raul Castro ratified in the speech delivered at the proclamation of Cuba’s new Constitution: “In the Bolivarian soil is today defined if Latin American and Caribbean nations have the right to self-determination, if sovereign power is really vested in the people or a foreign government, if it is acceptable that a powerful nation may determine who governs or not in a free state, if the rules and standards with which the UN is led are real or just dead letter, if people of the region will remain passive before such intrusion in the sovereign power of a sister nation or will react condemning the crime.”

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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