The Government of Ignorants

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The Government of Ignorants
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13 April 2019
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Many might think, and with good reason that the worst enemy of the United States president, Donald Trump, is himself.

This thought comes as a result of the statements he made last week in Michigan, as part of a meeting campaign in which he waded against liberal "elites" and he praised his republican brothers and himself for the fortune he’s been able to gather, as Hispantv reported.

At this meeting the number forty five president of the United States, assured that his colleagues are the true elite, better said, the super elite, because they have "more money, more brains, better houses, apartments and better boats."

"I am more intelligent, I went to better schools, I have better apartments, I am better educated", said Trump, mocking the liberals. And you might think now I’ve heard it all, it can’t worse anymore than that, but no, it goes one: "I have a much more beautiful house, I have everything much more beautiful. And I am president and they aren’t", he added.

Nobody doubts that he is the president, what’s more, nobody doubts that he is the most unpopular president since surveys are carried out. It’s not even in dispute his large wealth. That he is a millionaire, he is certainly millionaire. That is a huge truth that he shouts through e very roof top and by the way, he should add a few little things he keeps hidden.

For example, Forbes Magazine assures that the wealth of the North American magnate and investor reaches 3. 700 million dollars and also that he has refused, in several occasions, to publish his tax report.

On the other hand, the The New York Times judged the way in which has grown the fortune of the White House tenant by publishing a research work, where he was accused of helping his parents to avoid taxes and create next to his siblings a fake company to hide millions of dollars.

The real estate tycoon, expressed the newspaper, built an important part of his fortune thanks to doubtful fiscal practices and, in some cases, clearly fraudulent. In back then his lawyer, Michael Cohen, came forward to reject the content of the report, but let’s remember that this same man accused him recently before the Congress of “swindler and cheater.”

«When Donald Trump ran for the presidency, he didn't have the intention of running this nation, but to promote his trademark, himself, and build his wealth and power. The campaign to presidency for him was always a marketing opportunity», said the lawyer.

It is so that Trump at a moment of the meeting mention before expressed that "his surprising victory in 2016 elections was possibly the most extraordinary event in his life."

And yes, we have had time to assimilate the great event and confirm that he never had the slightest intention of directing, neither of taking care of the problems of his nation. In four years in office, the world’s first power has 40 million North Americans living in poverty, 18,5 millions in extreme poverty and 5,3 millions under conditions characteristic of the third world", according to a report of Philip G. Alston on UN Human Rights.

With these figures what president could think of, at a campaign event for his reelection boast of his huge wealth and that of the members of his staff ($4.300 millions) when such figures contrast alarmingly with the conditions of many of their citizens.

That, ladies and gentlemen, at least, shows the lack of wits of Trump and all his gang.

It’s not me who is saying it. The journalist Paul Krugman said it on April 1st in The New York Times: "many have described Trump’s government as a kakistocracy—the worst of governments —, and there is no doubt that it is. But it could also be said that is an ineptocracy—the government of the ignorants and incompetents—".

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