Health, Prosperity and a Happy 2019! (+ Photos)

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Health, Prosperity and a Happy 2019! (+ Photos)
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31 December 2018
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Waiting for a new year and saying farewell to the previous one is always cause for happiness and revelry. Here I collected the best wishes from less and well-known personalities, after all, they are all Cuban.

José Rubiera: That there are not hurricanes"

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"For 2019 I wish you all, especially, plenty of health and well-being for our people and hopefully no hurricanes!

"I also believe that we should keep on fighting for the environment, it’s an every-day battle, but not just because of its impact in the climatic change. I always recall Doctor Rosa Elena Simeón when she told us that eating a candy didn't harm at all, but littering the floor with the wrapping, it did. Then that battle for a clean city has to be won.

"Walking in Cuba and many cities and capitals are neatly clean, not Havana, and that is a would-be wish to fulfill, so that our capital is more beautiful every passing day.

"I’ll wait for 2019 with my family, as always! ".

Mariela Castro: "A Yes for the Constitution!

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"For the new year I wish a Yes for the Constitution and begin the process of popular consultation of the Family Code.

"I wish that the GDP increases so that the wealth can be distributed more and with greater quality. My greatest goal is that all our people are happier, because they deserve it indeed. Of course I will wait the new year in family! ".

Fernando González: Happiness in the 60th anniversary of the Revolution!

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"Above all, for this 2019 I wish the people of Cuba great happiness in the 60th anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution that everything that was debated in this session of the National Assembly comes to fruition, as for the plan of the economy that - although large and we grow some percent – which is a very positive point, mainly on the basis of our own natural reserves.

"I believe these are encouraging news that also reflected what we’ve been discussing in this process of Constitution that - without being chovinist – it’s something we only do here. In any other country around the world after a process like this one many governments toppled, because they don't have the support of the people.

"We, on the other hand have proven how democratic we are, how much support has the Revolution, and the sacrifice made by our people day in and day out to withstand the conditions set by the U.S. and fighting with the confidence that we’ll pull through.

"This will be my fifth year being in Cuba that I begin it in February. Therefore, for my family, and personally, I wish everyone all the happiness, which also includes professional goals.

"The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples reaches its 58th anniversary in December, correspondently our mission will be to spread and strengthen the movement of solidarity. We are working on this regard so that Cuba continues enjoying a wider and greater movement of solidarity with any social and revolutionary process in the world."

Doctor Rodolfo Arencibia Figueroa: "Attain tangible objectives"

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"My wishes for 2019 are to treat that the country marches onward, because then we all move forward, that we attain tangible objectives in each fields of society that we have the chance to carry out doable dreams, with the help of our social system that we only need to organize it better."

Janet Pérez: "I wish a big Yes for the referendum on February 24th"

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"All my wishes are that the people of Cuba give a big Yes in the referendum next February 24th. That would be a huge joy after these days we’ve lived in the last months of constitutional reformation. I wish the Cuban family all the good they deserve, absolute happiness for children, adolescents and young, they are the center of our work in every educational institutions throughout the country.

"How will I wait for the new year? As always, in family!, with my mother, my children, my husband, my four sisters and my brother-in-laws… all together we make Cuba."

Ricardo Ronquillo: "Combine my personal life with the professional side".

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"As Cuban, my greatest wish is that the transformation project we intend, our model of socialism, thrives. The other thing is that the lower bases of economy fructify to attain a boost in our domestic economy that the process of upgrade speeds up and the dream of a prosperous country becomes real as soon as possible, where it can be combined the national project with the professional and life project of people's life.

"And from the point of view of journalists and communication, this year 2018 was the year of establishing guidelines – so to speak - of the system of public communication in our country and for 2019 should be the year of setting these politics into practice that should include the transformation of the system of public media.

"Personally? Well, to be able to combine my job as chairman of UPEC (Association of Cuban Journalists) and my professional life, to keep writing. My daughter attends her senior year of Journalism, I’d like her to be successful in her career, and that my family prospers.

“I will wait 2019 in Camagüey, my mom is 90 years old and to me is like a religious thing to spend new year’s eve with her, only a cataclysm would prevent me from doing so".

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