Venezuela: Sovereignty versus Economic War

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Venezuela: Sovereignty versus Economic War
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21 June 2016
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Defeated some of the last attempts of the right wing against Venezuela´s Bolivarian government, there are still several and threatening viewpoints of an economic war that aims to undermine Venezuela´s national sovereignty by the specter of fear, hunger, and a foreign military intervention.

No matter if President Nicolas Maduro declares he is ready to dialogue and the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) uses all its good office in that regard. The opposition, encouraged by the imperialism, cares nothing if the country sinks deeper into chaos. The most important thing to them is revenge and empowerment. In that sense, they fulfill their dreams of handing over the country´s wealth to oligarchy and multinational corporations.

Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States, could not fish in troubled waters. His idea of implementing a Democratic Charter, which would lead to foreign intervention and Nicolas Maduro’s overthrow, did not succeed because it was shameful and illegal.

Almost in unison, the petition of a Presidential recall referendum went wrong. It was surrounded by frauds carried out by opposition leaders controlling the National Assembly, which —according to my personal view—, must lead to some legal punishment.

The media, controlled by most right-wingers, cannot undo wrongs. Nonetheless, the punishment, divine, or not, must overcome any obstacle of any case law whose honor can be certainly questioned.

It is paramount that steps being taken to overcome and endure an economic war —by means of a wide and quality production— shall be lasting and coherent since such war strikes doubtlessly dispossessed classes in Venezuela.

Thus, the Bolivarian government reiterated its commitment to struggle against poverty as well as making people’s life better by means of action plans that lead to a much improved distribution.

Everything matters when facing this economic war championed by businessmen backed by the imperialism and those retarded men who like violent methods to achieve their goals, as in 2014.

Some businessmen (for instance, La Polar’s), have continued with destabilizing actions. The opposition indifference, rejection, and subterfuges to avoid serious talks with the government are clear examples of a plan to cause major damages, led by a group of entrepreneurs thinking they are untouchable.

The opposition is never short of funds to maintain the systematic campaign of aggression and discredit, support violent actions to destabilize the country and protect right-winged politicians linked to coup attempts.

But the greatest merit of this Bolivarian Government —even though several mass media try to hide it— is to serve the people, learn lessons, and make people aware of the aggression they are suffering and the crisis created by the manipulation of the oil prices by the U.S.

In this way, Venezuela boosts social policies, missions, and programs as its best defense to national sovereignty against the imperialism and its followers.

Cubasi Translation Staff

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