Research Proofs Efficacy of Silver-based Cancer Drug

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Research Proofs Efficacy of Silver-based Cancer Drug
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31 March 2018
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Silver-based drugs become a more effective and safe treatment for esophagus cancer and other oncological lesions, according to a study published today in the BioMetals journal.

To demonstrate this thesis, experts from the University of Johannesburg (South Africa), investigated the effects of a new chemotherapy in both animal models -rats- and in human cell cultures (CCH).

The novelty, UJ3, a complex of silver thiocyanate phosphine, is as positive as cisplatin in killing breast cancer and melanoma cells in CCH, said main author Marianne Cronjé.

However, he added, UJ3 requires a dose up to 10 times lower to kill these cancer cells, and as it has a greater specificity on the tumor ones, the healthy ones destroyed during the treatment is noticeably lower.

If UJ3 becomes a chemotherapeutic drug in the future, the need for a lower dose, minimal toxicity and greater specificity for tumor cells will make it possible to treat cancer with fewer side effects, emphasized the authors.

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