Super Blue Blood Moon to Light Up Sky, as 150 Years Ago

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Super Blue Blood Moon to Light Up Sky, as 150 Years Ago
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31 January 2018
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Visitors, tourists and amateur astronomers will be able to watch today a total blue moon eclipse, an astronomical rarity that takes place every 150 years.

The eclipse will only be seen in Cuba in its initial phase, the Cuban Institute of Geophysics and Astronomy said. One, the causes of its low visibility is due to the fact that it will occur at very low altitude above the horizon before moonset, which will take place at 07:09 hours, local time, at Havana's Morro Castle and at 06:37 hours in Santiago de Cuba. The rest of the world will see it in western South and North America, except for the east part of the United States.

Other latitudes will also see it like in Northern Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, East Africa, the Indian Ocean, Australia, Asia, the Pacific Ocean and Oceania.

Since its announcement, this lunar event has generated great expectations, as the natural satellite decided to expose the last day of January as a super moon, so that three astronomical phenomena will occur at the same time, posted.

That will be the second full moon of the month in the calendar, a rare phenomenon known as a 'blue moon', which due to its closest position to Earth will also be the second and last super moon of the year. The first one appeared on the second day of the year.

In this way, people will enjoy a beautiful celestial spectacle, which specialists already call as super blue blood moon eclipse.

According to, the next time that a Blue Moon will pass through Earth's umbra will be on December 31, 2028 and, after that, on January 31, 2037. Both eclipses will be total.

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