Underwater Landscape Unveiled in Céspedes Park, Santiago de Cuba

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Underwater Landscape Unveiled in Céspedes Park, Santiago de Cuba
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18 April 2017
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The sunken treasures of the bay Santiago de Cuba, are now visible through the photographic exhibition An Immersion in History, with pieces from the archaeological underwater park Naval Battle of Santiago de Cuba 1898. In the central park Céspedes, heart of the city, are exhibited those impressive images captured mainly by photographers Vicente González Díaz and Vicente González Portuondo in the depths of the coast of Santiago.

The huge pictures attract the attention of the habitual passers-by and visitors, who are 'visibly submerged' in the funds of the battleships Christopher Columbus, Admiral Oquendo and Vizcaya, the destroyers Furor and Pluto, the U.S. coal ship Merimac and the wreck SCOW.

In the preamble of the exhibition, the painting by Reynaldo Alvarez opens the door, with the reflection of the departure of the squadron of Spanish admiral Pascual Cervera by the mouths of the bay minutes before confronting the U.S. war ships on July 3, 1898.

As part of this graphic approach to this maritime cultural landscape, in the nearby Oriente gallery, Art Under the Waves is exhibited, a collection of pieces by artists Alfonso Cruz, Vicente González and Reynaldo Villamil.

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