Caribbean States Begin Ministerial Forum in Havana

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Caribbean States Begin Ministerial Forum in Havana
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9 March 2017
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The first Conference of Cooperation of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) began today in this capital with a high participation in the core debates for the development of the region.

Representatives from more than 100 member countries, observers, among others, analyze issues related to transportation and connectivity between the nations of the area and the confrontation with climate change.

Prior to the ministerial meeting, Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Rogelio Sierra said that these contacts will be a time to take advantage of the opportunities for collaboration, promote the competitiveness of the economies of the member nations of the bloc, and discuss common challenges in order to consolidate the Shared development.

Likewise, he said that they would enable them to search for ways to deal with external factors that undermine the sovereignty of the countries of the area, promote actions to deal with measures of mass deportation of immigrants, and the serious implications for their economies.

With the purpose of reviewing the progress of the integral relations between this island and the nations associated with the Caribbean Community, Havana will also be host, next March 11, of the V CARICOM-Cuba Ministerial Meeting.

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