Venezuela presents new evidence on Guaidó connection with armed incursion

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Venezuela presents new evidence on Guaidó connection with armed incursion
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22 May 2020
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The Vice President of Communications of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez, presented this Thursday new evidence that ratifies the link of the opposition leader Juan Guaidó with the armed incursion called "Operation Gideon", according to the testimony of one of the detained Americans.

U.S. mercenary Luke Denman, one of those who participated in the training of the armed group and raid, indicated that hiring the Silvercorp USA company was an idea of Juan Guaidó because he believed that the owner of the company, Jordan Goudreau, had close ties to Donald Trump.

He also said the idea of hiring the company was to be able to blame someone outside of the government for the actions in case of failure.  Otherwise, if the raid succeeded, the Trump administration would support it and even take credit for the operation.

Jorge Rodriguez also recalled that Venezuela has denounced operations in camps run by the criminal gang Los Pachenca in its area of action, from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, all along the northern coast of Colombia, including Barranquilla, Riohacha and La Guajira.

In all these points, events related to the aggressions against Venezuela have occurred. In addition, this criminal group has a direct relationship with Elkin Javier López Torres, alias "Doble Rueda", one of those linked to the action of May 3.

This link was also confirmed by Denman who claimed to have seen Doble Rueda in a couple of meetings with one of the plan's organizers, Antonio Sequea.  In this regard, Rodriguez questioned how a drug trafficker in prison condition was on his farm, which also borders a camp of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

In other material revealed by the Minister of Communications, the voices of Cliver Alcalá and Congressman Hernán Alemán were heard. It states that Jordan Goudreau manages the "Venezuela Chapter".

In this regard, Rodriguez made several questions.  Among them, for whom does he do it, who entrusted the task to Goudreau and which U.S. body indicated the mercenary to be in charge of the "Venezuela Chapter".  In addition, an audio recording of Clíver Alcalá was released in which he confesses that Cristopher Figuera has lied to U.S. authorities since the attempted coup d'état on April 30th last year.

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