U.S. attempts to slander Cuba repudiated in Costa Rica

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U.S. attempts to slander Cuba repudiated in Costa Rica
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18 May 2020
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The Costa Rican Committee of Solidarity with Cuba, CCSC, repudiated this Sunday the attempt of the United States government to once again include Cuba on the list of countries that supposedly do not collaborate with the fight against terrorism.

"To include Cuba on the list is not only a step backwards -- since Cuba has not been on that list since 2015 -- but it adds to the multiple aggressions committed by a lackluster and failed empire, in an attempt to regain an international prominence it no longer has," the CCSC points out.

The CSCC's statement, which has been disseminated on social networks, affirms that they are joining their voice in solidarity with those around the world who are denouncing the lies and the conspiracy to discredit, slander and harm the Cuban government and people.

The statement said that Cuba was subjected to an unjust economic, commercial and financial blockade, imposed by the United States for 60 years, and has suffered a number of other aggressions, such as the attack on the Cuban embassy in Washington, DC on April 30th.

This aggression has been covered up by the United States government, evading its responsibility and obstructing the most elementary investigation of the facts, in order to comply with its obligations under international law, the CCSC states.

"We urge the international community to declare itself against the inclusion of Cuba on this list.  Long live Cuba!  Andlong live solidarity among peoples!", concludes the text of the Costa Rican solidarity organization.


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