Syrian forces kill and wound 30 terrorists in Idlib

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Syrian forces kill and wound 30 terrorists in Idlib
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15 July 2020
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Damascus, Jul 15 (Prensa Latina) Artillery and air strikes carried out by the Syrian Arab Army caused more than 30 casualties among dead and wounded to extremist groups in Idlib province, 335 kilometers north of the capital.
According to local media, Syrian fighters carried out at least eight raids on positions held by the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorist organization, formerly Al-Nusra, and the Islamic Party of Turkestan and 'the Albanians' in the Kabbani mountains in the northeast corner of the province of Latakia.

Artillery and missiles hit simultaneously the positions of radical group in the mountainous regions of Al-Zawyeh and Al-Arabayeen, in southern Idlib.

Russian fighter-bombers conducted at least 11 missions against positions and barracks of terrorist organizations in response to an attack with explosives on a joint Turkish-Russian military patrol on the M-4 highway through Idlib, where three Russian soldiers were wounded.

After a military offensive earlier this year, during which the Syrian army liberated 54% of Idlib from terrorists, Russia and Turkey agreed on a ceasefire on March 6, but it that was never respected by the radicals.

The extremist groups not only attack the positions of the Russian and Syrian militaries, but also carry out armed provocations against Russian patrols on the M-4 highway.

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