Prime Minister: Our gratitude is always with you

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Prime Minister: Our gratitude is always with you
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4 August 2020
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Photo Twitter @PresidenciaCuba

Manuel Marrero Cruz, Prime Minister of Cuba, met on Monday with members of the "Henry Reeve" Brigade that supported the fight against COVID-19 in Mexico for three months.

The meeting took place after the health professionals complied with the established quarantine.

During the encounter, the brigade members shared their experiences in that country, where they worked in 68 services of nine hospitals, and assisted 54,000 patients, 43,044 with coronavirus.

Around 70 percent of the brigade were women and they worked successfully against COVID-19 in various States of Mexico, said the head of the brigade.

On behalf of the Mexican government, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrand thanked the Government and the people of Cuba people for what he described as  "the invaluable support of Cuban doctors and nurses" who went to save lives in the difficult months of the fight against COVID-19.

Our gratitude is always with you, he said.


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