Lukashenko solidly won reelection in Belarus with 80% of the vote

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Lukashenko solidly won reelection in Belarus with 80% of the vote
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10 August 2020
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Minsk, Aug 10 (Prensa Latina) The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus confirmed on Monday that Alexander Lukashenko has won the presidential elections with 80.23% of the vote, while his main opposition candidate Svetlana Tijanovskaya got 9.90%.
According to CEC Chairwoman Lidia Yermoshina, some 4,652,000 citizens voted for Lukashenko, while 574,312 other voters supported Tijanovskaya, Minsk television said.

Opposition candidate Anna Kanopatskaya got 1.68% (97,926 votes), businessman Serguei Cherchenia 1,13% (65,078) and Andrei Dmitriev, candidate of 'Tell the truth' movement, 1.04% (60,543).

Some 5,790,000 Belarussians cast their votes in 5,767 polling stations, including 44 abroad, so voter turnout was at 84.23%.

Chinese President Xi Jinping was the first to congratulate Lukashenko for his election victory, whose early vote began on August 4. Russian President Vladimir Putin also congratulated the Belarusian leader.

Lukashenko was seeking reelection for another five years, amid complaints from his Government that the West, in coordination with the internal opposition, was plotting destabilization actions to create chaos, after the polling stations were closed.

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