Lisandra Returned, Because Love is Paid with Love

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Lisandra Returned, Because Love is Paid with Love
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22 June 2020
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A quote from Jose Marti that makes more sense right now in the life of this woman from Matanzas. When we talked, Lisandra González Garay had already gone through the first period of the biosafety protocol, mandatory for those in the ward of patients suspected sick:

"We have the hospital robes, we cannot walk around with common clothes, we wear two pairs of boots, in reality it’s three surgical masks that we wear, two pairs of gloves, the gown, it’s more protection than I imagined and when we leave the room we have to remove everything slowly, putting solutions in our hands, we take more time taking clothes off, taking care of ourselves, than distributing food”.

She is not a doctor or a nurse, she is a clerk at Iberostar Bella Vista hotel in Varadero, but she accepted the challenge of supporting the struggle against the COVID-19 at Dr. Mario Muñoz Monroy Hospital in Matanzas and why not? If a couple of months ago, when she arrived with her family at the same center as suspected sick case, "the care was perfect."

Now her job is to distribute breakfasts, snacks and meals in the suspected sick bay. When she received the call to join this activity, the family reacted quickly: “immediately my mom and everyone in the house said yes, that I should come and support whatever it took”.

She also had no doubts: "I was waiting to be notified to see what we could do and, of course, we said yes and here we are all." With “everyone”, Lysandra refers to the rest of the tourism workers who also voluntarily joined this job shifts at the hospital:

"If we say no, nothing happens, it’s everyone's decision, but there is no reason to say no, there is a bit of fear, but it’s always good to help, if everyone says no, who is to do this, someone always has to step forward.

"I was really more afraid before arriving than now that I'm here and I've seen everything as it is, they have explained the details to me and there is enough security, so that no unforeseen event happens."

 With all the energy that can fit in 26 years, Lysandra has just started this task and she already feels ready for the next ones, although she is focused on the one at hand, which, she says, "is a unique experience".

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff


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