Joaquín Sabina shows up in his balcony to applaud doctors

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Joaquín Sabina shows up in his balcony to applaud doctors
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7 April 2020
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Joaquín Sabina reappears after his operation to applaud doctors from the balcony of his house.

The singer-songwriter, who is still recovering from surgery after falling during his last performance in Madrid and, with his arm in a sling, has reappeared to thank medical staff and doctors for their work, La Sexta reported.

The accident took place at the Wizink Center in Madrid during a concert with his friend and singer Joan Manuel Serrat. While he was talking and walking on the stage, he was dazzled by a spotlight and ended up rushing through the pit that separates the stage from the audience, about two meters high. After the fall, Sabina, who is 71 years old, was transferred to the Ruber Clinic, near the place where the show was being held, where it was confirmed that he had a thoracic and cranioencephalic trauma.

Every day thousands of Spaniards go out to their terraces and balconies to applaud the work of health professionals who fight coronavirus in this country.


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