Experts stress need to comply with measures against COVID-19

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Experts stress need to comply with measures against COVID-19
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10 July 2020
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Cuban experts stress the need to comply with measures such as using the nasobuco (facemask) , washing hands and maintaining physical distance to advance the post-COVID-19 recovery throughout the country.

In the most recent meeting between President Miguel Díaz-Canel and Cuban scientists, the dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computing at the University of Havana, Raúl Guinovart, warned about the necessary cooperation of the people.

The professor explained that the responsibility of maintaining positive indicators such as the low lethality of the disease recorded in recent days is not only the task of health authorities.

The suggestions come in the first stage of recovery at the national level and several provinces in phase two of three, except in Havana, where open events of local transmission of the disease were reported.

For this reason, the focus is on the Cuban capital, which is why the authorities maintain control in the municipalities with new infections and guarantee basic services to the population.



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