Evo Morales rejects alleged terrorism accusation

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Evo Morales rejects alleged terrorism accusation
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7 July 2020
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Buenos Aires, Jul 7 (Prensa Latina) Former Bolivia's President Evo Morales rejected on Tuesday the accusation by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutors Commission of alleged terrorism crimes including financing such scourge, an allegation considered by experts as political persecution.
'For many years, they have tried to involve us in corruption, in drug trafficking, and now they try to frame us with a mounted case on terrorism. They never could, nor can they, because our struggle has been always honest, peaceful and democratic,' Morales tweeted.

The Commission of prosecutors from La Paz department investigates an audio from November, where the former president allegedly coordinated with the coca grower leader Faustino Yucra, blocking the cities to leave them without food.

Likewise, they also look into a video in which Yucra allegedly talks with Morales, which went viral on social networks and the de facto government deemed it as an attack on the inhabitants' lives of Bolivian downtowns.

The expertise in forensic audiology, requested from the Technical Investigation Corps of Colombia's Public Ministry, determined that the samples have a high probability of identifying Evo Morales' voice, but without a definitive result.

Meanwhile, the senator of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) Carola Arraya defined the process as a judicial persecution, not only against Evo Morales, but against what he represents.


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