Cuba's recovery phase advances rigorously to lower risks

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Cuba's recovery phase advances rigorously to lower risks
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5 July 2020
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Havana, Jul 5 (Prensa Latina) Cuba's post Covid-19 recovery phase is currently advancing with rigor to lower risks of new local transmission events, according to the highest government authorities in the country.
In strict compliance with the established measures, most of the national territory goes through the second recovery phase, except Havana and Matanzas, which remain in the first.

In this context, Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel called on Saturday to continue working with all rigor and demand, without underestimating any of the elements and decisions taken.

During the daily meeting of the working group for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus, the head of State stressed the importance of protocols in the fight against the pandemic.

'Every time we make a mistake or when some of the indications and protocols that are proposed and applied are not followed rigorously, it always causes another group of cases and a local transmission, which implies more monitoring in certain situations,' Diaz-Canel underscored.

The president highlighted the studies that internationally reveal that the coronavirus is having new strains, which are more infectious.

In that sense, the head of State advanced that Cuba will strengthen epidemiological control at its borders as the recovery and arrival of travelers in the new normality progresses.

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