Cuba's foreign minister highlights women's rights in Cuba

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Cuba's foreign minister highlights women's rights in Cuba
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14 July 2020
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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez highlighted the rights achieved by women in the country, where they are protagonists of the social process with full representation in government institutions.

Speaking about the annual debate on women's rights at the 44th Ordinary Session of the Human Rights Council, the foreign minister wrote on Twitter that women in Cuba are active subjects of rights and enjoy economic and physical autonomy.

He also highlighted the participation of women in decision making and that they make up 53.22 percent of the members of Parliament, as well as 68.2 percent of professionals and technicians.

Relevant positions such as the vice-presidency of the Council of State, that of deputy prime minister and the leadership of several ministries are defended by women, as an example of the space they have gained with their capacity and talent.

They also take the lead in the fight against COVID-19, with just over 70 percent of the health personnel in the Caribbean nation, according to the 2019 health statistics yearbook.

Article 43 of the Cuban Constitution establishes equal rights and responsibilities for men and women in all areas, and states that the State guarantees the same opportunities and possibilities for both.

Similarly, the Constitution clarifies the responsibility of the State to promote the comprehensive development of women and their full participation in society, to ensure the exercise of their sexual and reproductive rights and to protect them from gender-based violence in any of its forms.


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