Cuban solidarity in the face of Covid-19 appreciated from Angola

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Cuban solidarity in the face of Covid-19 appreciated from Angola
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8 April 2020
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Luanda, April 8 (Prensa Latina) On Wednesday, Cubans living in Angola spread a message of encouragement to their compatriots who, in their homeland and in other parts of the world, are fighting to save lives in front of the Covid-19.
Released in the town of Kilamba, on the outskirts of the capital, the text also highlights the willingness of the Association of the Community of Cubans Living in Angola (ACCRA) 'not to give up the struggle for the total and unconditional lifting' of the economic, financial and commercial blockade of the United States government against Cuba.
Despite all the difficulties, Cuban health workers are a 'mambi army of white coats' (followers in the field of medicine of the example of the insurgents against Spanish colonialism in the 19th century), and 'today more than ever they show the lineage that forged them,' the document points out.

They, the ACCRA document noted, 'did not and will not surrender; earthquakes in Pakistan, floods and cyclones in Central America, Ebola in Africa, Covid-19, nothing can defeat them or stop them. Hippocrates, Finlay, Marti, Varela, Fidel are their paradigms.'

According to Jorge Pantoja, director of the ACCRA in Kilambra, it is time to defend medicine with a humanitarian and internationalist vocation throughout the planet; it is possible as demonstrated by a small Caribbean nation, 'besieged by a cowardly, interfering and criminal blockade,' he said.

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