Cuban education minister recommends that classes resume in September

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Cuban education minister recommends that classes resume in September
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3 June 2020
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Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella, Cuban Minister of Education, on the television program Mesa Redonda, said: "Considering the epidemiological conditions, the need to evolve to an increasingly favorable state and the priority that students have for us, it is advisable to restart teaching activities in educational institutions as of September.

Cuba's education minister recalled the measures that have been taken for weeks to prepare for a new stage of the school year, once the epidemiological conditions allow.  She reported that from June 1st until June 12th, TV teaching activities will continue on the Educativo and Tele Rebelde television channels.  Of these, only Education for Young People will not be maintained, since this modality ended on May 29th.  Likewise, for this stage, adjustments were made to the programming and new spaces were conceived.

According to Cubadebate, Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella stressed that, in addition to the activities that gave continuity to the teaching process during the social confinement, the country's education sector also supported food production on more than 4,000 hectares, and more than 4,700 workers were involved in the various tasks of confronting COVID-19 in the 77 isolation centers operating in educational institutions.


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