Covid-19: The Tales to Come

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Covid-19: The Tales to Come
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21 April 2020
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We tell our children about the economic crisis; they will tell theirs about these times of pandemic.

And surely they will do it by having them sit on their laps, covering them with kisses and hugs, those that no one can give now.

Right now, who knows how many people regret not kissing someone, not having pressed against his chest when there was still time.

So when this nightmare passes by, because this too shall pass, in the field of affection, I dare say things will be different. That old saying we have all used at some point: "there is more time than life", perhaps it will be saved in a drawer, because, with this lesson of the pandemic, we have already learned that there’s not always time for later, and that when the kiss bursting in our lips, it’s necessary to give it.

I'm not just talking about couples, I'm talking about that great love that includes telling your friend, your neighbor, your co-worker, how much you love or admire him, without saving it for later.

Fortunately, we have not saved for later to tell our doctors, nurses, and all health personnel of this Island how much we love them, how grateful we are to them, and that we are proud to look at them raising our heads, as if we were talking to giants. … Because they are.

Our children will tell theirs - our grandchildren - of those Cuban doctors who risked their lives every minute to save the lives of fellow citizen they had never met before, including, perhaps, the one who a given day did not want to help him or forgot to say thanks leaving the office.

New ways of talking about love will appear, and they will tell them about those. Because when two people who can only see the eyes of each other meet, love begins to walk in a new dimension, overwhelming in its greatness.

Our children will tell their children yet to be born about that greatness, in a world that, inevitably, will have to be better.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / Cubasi Translation Staff

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