Control measures increased in Centro Habana due to COVID-19

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Control measures increased in Centro Habana due to COVID-19
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10 July 2020
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Havana, July 10 (RHC)--The Provincial Defense Council (CDP) of Havana, approved this Friday the increase of control measures by COVID-19 in nine blocks corresponding to the Luis Galvan polyclinic, of the Colon Popular Council, located in the municipality of Centro Havana.

In this case, the focus is a multi-family building located on Amistad Street, between San Rafael and San Jose -- so it has been determined to close that block and take restriction measures in nine blocks surrounding the area.

Based on a case confirmed on July 5th, six patients have been diagnosed as positive for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, in three adjacent buildings.  It was therefore decided to carry out PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests on the entire block, and rapid tests on the inhabitants of the other eight.

These are 1,072 homes and more than 3,000 people who will be evaluated by the medical staff in order to detect positive cases to prevent further infections, while the inhabitants of the Amistad 305, 307 and 309 buildings are already limited in their movement, while they are being diagnosed.

A total of 1,075 PCRs, corresponding to the inhabitants of the block, will be carried out in an area set up in the risk block, so that people do not have to move outside the limited area, while the rapid tests will be carried out in the homes, for which reason the forces of two other polyclinics of the People's Council will be mobilized.

The 73 work centers in that area will also be closed and the health of all workers will be certified with PCR for their reopening, while a children's circle, a trade office and an agricultural market located in the affected block will be used for the distribution of products from the basic basket, the pharmacy and the CIMEX chain.

Workers on Boulevard San Rafael, which runs through the affected area, will have PCR tests carried out as suspicious cases arise through investigations, physical examinations and rapid tests.

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