Brazil sets another daily record for coronavirus deaths

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Brazil sets another daily record for coronavirus deaths
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4 June 2020
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Some 1,262 people in Brazil died from coronavirus in the 24 hours to Tuesday evening, the country's Health Ministry said.  It's another daily record for the South American country where the outbreak shows no sign of slowing down.

Brazil also confirmed 28,936 additional cases of the disease, bringing the total to 555,383.  A total of 31,199 people in Brazil have died from coronavirus.

COVID-19 began in the country's wealthy neighborhoods and large cities where there were links with international travellers, but the virus is now making its way to poorer and more isolated areas to devastating effect.

More than 6.3 million coronavirus cases have been confirmed around the world, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.  More than 378,000 people have died, including more than 106,000 in the US.  And more than 2.7 million have recovered from the disease.

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