Paintings by Tennessee Williams for the First Time in Cuba

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Paintings by Tennessee Williams for the First Time in Cuba
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13 February 2015
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Nance Frank, director of The Gallery on Greene, of Key West, told ACN that these pieces, the fruit of a not very well known facet of the great writer known by many as hurricane of passions, belong to private collectors and to the Tennessee Williams Foundation.

That center, she said, cooperates with the MNBA since 2013 in the project A Single Race, the second stage of which is the exhibition Tennessee Williams: playwright and painter.

She underlined that it's a great satisfaction, after over 50 years, to be able to carry out this joint cultural action as evidence of what the two nations can do together.

Frank also said that documents on the presence of Williams both in Cuba and Key West are exhibited.

Between 1947 and 1960 only, 15 pieces by the author of Un tranvía llamado deseo, Una gata sobre el tejado de zinc caliente, La noche de la Iguana, Zoológico de cristal or El dulce pájaro de la juventud, some of his iconic pieces, found among the best produced in 20th century theater, were performed on Cuban stages.

Tennessee Williams is the pseudonym with which Thomas Lanier Williams III (Columbus, Mississippi, March 26, 1911 – New York, February 25, 1983) went down in history –a playwright, novelist, script writer and also visual arts creator, considered to be one of the greatest 20th century literary authors of the United States and the world.

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