Mafalda is a universal character, publisher Kuki Miller says

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Mafalda is a universal character, publisher Kuki Miller says
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11 February 2020
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Havana, Feb 11 (Prensa Latina) Mafalda, the girl created by cartoonist Joaquin Lavado 'Quino', is a symbol of freedom, equality and peace, a character with universal values, the director of Argentina's Ediciones La Flor, Kuki Miller, said here.

At a meeting at the San Carlos de la Cabaña fortress during the 29th International Book Fair, the publisher pointed out that a comic character that was created more than 50 years ago and is still in force is something really exceptional.

Mafalda transcends generations because she deals with issues that go beyond the barrier of time, what Quino expresses in the comics is what many wish: a world without wars, lasting peace, are deep values, and they make the character eternal, she added.

According to Miller, the Argentinean cartoonist's vignettes make people think without distinctions. 'You cannot read one of those comics without stopping to think about what it says,' she noted.

In Mafalda, Quino reproduced a social scheme; he endowed each character with characteristics so that their interaction shows the functioning of a society with its different trends.

Miller added that the Prince of Asturias Award in Communication and Humanity granted to Quino (2014) acknowledges him as an efficient communicator who can express himself in a clear and direct manner through his drawings.

That is one of his most laudable characteristics, she noted. Readers get the ideas clearly and can see the world in another way, so it is one of his most notable merits, Miller concluded.

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