Egypt very close to unveiling Tutankhamun's mystery, says expert

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Egypt very close to unveiling Tutankhamun's mystery, says expert
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23 January 2020
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Despite the distant death of the best known of the pharaohs, Tutankhamun captivates Egyptologists and other lovers of this civilization, which transcended for its contributions, funeral practices and the majesty of its buildings.

Belonging to the Eighteenth Dynasty, which reigned from 1336 BC to 1327 BC, he is considered a notable figure in the restoration and harmonization of Egypt after the Amarna Period, on a religious level marked by unique reforms such as the abandonment of traditional polytheism.

The child pharaoh, as he is also called, assumed power at the age of 10 and ruled until his untimely death a decade later. Inexplicably, his tomb went unnoticed until 1922 when it was discovered by British archaeologist Howard Carter.

Perhaps because of the priceless treasure discovered then - partly on display - and the legend of a supposed curse, Tutankhamun continues to fascinate many, while for scientists his life and death constitute a challenging riddle.

After long and thorough research, experts are about to unravel some of the secrets surrounding the king, whose golden mask dazzles.

If everything happens as we hope, next February we will be able to tell the world the results of the investigation aimed at determining the causes of his death, declared to Prensa Latina the researcher Ali Abu Dshish, who works under the orders of the prestigious archaeologist Zahi Hawass.

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