Cuba concludes presence as Guest Country at Montevideo Book Fair

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Cuba concludes presence as Guest Country at Montevideo Book Fair
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14 October 2019
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Montevideo, Oct 14 (Prensa Latina) Poetry and film adaptations of Cuban literature closed the island's presence as guest of honor to the 42nd edition of the Montevideo International Book Fair on its final day.

The segment 'El autor y su Obra' opened space for young Cuban-Uruguayan poet Marcel Cabrera, who talked about his multi-themed books 'El tintero del alma' (The inkwell of the soul) and the poetry collection 'F8 transgresor' (F8 transgressor), from which he read some of his pieces on death, endangered animal species and new technologies.

Greatly appreciated by the public, Cabrera spoke about the Luces social project with which Uruguayan poets and musicians share their art with prisoners, those in drug-addiction rehabilitation centers and residents of outlying districts.

Luciano Castillo, critic, researcher and film historian, talked about the rich Cuban film production as of 1959 and its approaches to national and universal literature.

During his contribution to the 'La sala magica' film cycle, Castillo discussed 60 years of Cuban cinema and the screening of the film 'Derecho de Asilo' (Right of Asylum), which followed other similar films.

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