Cuba, Syria ink cultural agreement

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Cuba, Syria ink cultural agreement
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24 September 2019
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Havana, Sep 24 (Prensa Latina) Syria and Cuba signed an agreement to strengthen cultural exchange, which will serve to expand the links that both countries are currently developing beyond the political field, stated Cuban Minister of Culture Alpidio Alonso.

The agreement was signed last night in Havana by Syrian Ambassador Idris Maya and Alonso, who described it as a framework understanding that will allow collaboration in diverse areas such as the exchange of artists, performers and specialists, taking advantage of festivals and international events.

Both sides undertake to promote invitations to writers and other literary experts, to encourage the exchange of information on the development of the visual arts, the production of works of art and the holding of exhibitions in each country.

They will also cooperate in the conservation, restoration and preservation of cultural property, as well as in the protection of heritage, and work to organize film geeks and production and establish cooperative relations between their respective national libraries.

Maya and Alfonso discussed the prospect of the Syrian Minister of Culture visiting the island and having his Cuban counterpart travel to Damascus at appropriate times, Atkins vintage of festivals and events.

In a conversation with the ambassador prior to the signing, the Cuban minister condemned the 'terrorist and mercenary war' that Syria has suffered in recent years and stressed that the damage resulting from these conflicts is not limited to the political, economic and social spheres, but also impacts the culture of the peoples.

He recalled how the national Museum of Iraq in Baghdad was emptied during the American invasion of 2003, an institution that preserved valuable collections and relics of the emergence and development of civilization.

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