Largest Library in Bolivia with 62,000 Books

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Largest Library in Bolivia with 62,000 Books
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11 April 2019
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La Paz, Apr 11 (Prensa Latina) A total of 62,000 books on educational subjects and pedagogy were offered in a new library by the Ministry of Education of Bolivia, now considered the largest of its kind in the South American country.

Roberto Aguilar, Head of the Ministry of Education, reported that the population will have access to 1,490 publications of the Ministry in digital format, and 3,500 projects from private universities, during the opening of the library on Tuesday night.

Aguilar highlighted the availability of 23,517 systematizations and another 5,566 final works of the professional graduates of the Teacher Training Program, as well as 240 publications for the complementary preparation of this sector.

He pointed out that the library has books by national and international authors, educational statistics, and books on Alternative and Special Pedagogical Works, Collection of Literary Works, among other subjects.

It will also allow registered users to purchase books online, as well as review other content.

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