Bolivia to Receive Archaeological Pieces Belonging to It

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Bolivia to Receive Archaeological Pieces Belonging to It
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31 December 2018
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La Paz, Dec 31 (Prensa Latina) Some 100 archaeological pieces are currently waiting in various countries to be returned to Bolivia during 2019, after several actions for the protection of heritage were undertaken by the Ministry of Cultures of this country.

Among the ancient relics are a keru or sacred vessel found in Argentina and another one in England, belonging to the Mollo culture - a pre-Inca people from 700 A.D. to 1400 A.D. - who inhabited the western part of the Royal mountain range, in the current La Paz department.

As part of the lot of objects to return to Bolivia is also a pot from the post-Tiwanaku era, culture developed in part of South America and after 1187 A.D.

The casserole is from the Netherlands, while another piece in the process of recovery from the United States is an eight-year-old mummy from the Inca culture.

Out of all these archaic components, 50 were recovered and 20 are expected to be in La Paz in January or February 2019, according to Laura Chambi, head of the International Relations Unit of Bolivia's Ministry of Culture.

Chambi explained the repatriation process is neither simple nor low-budget.

If there is willingness to return an asset, the process can take up to six months, she said.

The return has two stages, one, delivery to the diplomatic representation of the embassy or consulate, which delays the analysis of the piece, while the second phase includes the return process, with departure permit, diplomatic bag and piece insurance, she added. The Protection and Defense Committee for Bolivia's Cultural Heritage was reactivated this year, made up of several state agencies and security forces.

The Red List of Property Vulnerable to Illicit Trafficking, Theft and Disappearances of International Groups and Networks was created to prevent pieces trade, Chambi pointed out.

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