Cuba's cultural expression reflects its revolution - ambassador

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Cuba's cultural expression reflects its revolution - ambassador
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19 October 2018
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Cuba’s culture is an expression of its identity, and has been at the forefront of the revolution, says Cuban Ambassador to Malaysia, Ibete Fernandez Hernandez.

“It has been able to go beyond borders, bringing the values, joy and the colours of our people, that is why it has become our best ambassador. As I have always said, culture reaches where politics cannot, because of its independence of language and nobility,” she said.

The ambassador said this in a statement made available to Bernama today, in conjunction with Cuba’s National Culture Day which is celebrated on Oct 20.

Hernandez said Malaysia, through the years had appreciated and supported the diffusion of Cuban culture, especially in the state of Melaka where Cuba had in the past, a centre called ‘Casa Cuba’, where the best of the embassy’s collection of paintings was shown during four years and received well-known Cuban artists.

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