A Documentary on Sergio Corrieri to Be Premiered in Havana

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A Documentary on Sergio Corrieri to Be Premiered in Havana
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8 August 2018
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Havana, Aug 8 (Prensa Latina) Documentary Sergio Corrieri, beyond ''Memorias,'' an intimate and dynamic approach to the life of the iconic Cuban actor, will be premiered on August 15 at the Multicine Infanta of this capital, according to its makers.

The work, directed by Luisa Marisy, also daughter of Corrieri, deals with testimonies from friends, family, colleagues and family archives about the important career of the poet who died in 2008.

Precisely his poems are the theme of the audiovisual, which addresses the stage in which Corrieri founded, directed and worked with the Escambray Theater Group, a fundamental group of the Cuban scene.

Then his work in the cinema, marked by his performance in films such as 'Memories of Underdevelopment,' 'Soy Cuba,' 'Mella,' 'Baragua' and 'Man of Maisinic,' works considered milestones of Cuban filmmaking.

Another important moment of Sergio Corrieri, beyond 'Memories' is the career of the artist in television, a media to which he dedicated an important part of his life and in which he marked several generations playing David, the mythical agent of security Cuban of the serial 'En silencio tenía que ser' (It has Had to Be Done in Silence).

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