Cuba Advocates for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

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Cuba Advocates for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
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30 August 2016
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Cuba advocated today at the United Nations in this country for the total elimination and prohibition of nuclear weapons, for the survival of mankind, and ratified its support to every effort for peace.

During the plenary meeting of the Disarming Conference, Cuban permanent representative Anayansi Rodriguez said that 'while the nuclear weapons threat exists, there will be no peace in the planet.'

The Cuban representative remembered in this sense the recent words of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, who urged to 'to insist on the need to preserve the peace, and that no potency should take the right to kill million human beings'.

Before the current situation, Rodríguez was sorry deeply about the absence of substantive works in 20 years in the Conference, and showed its conviction of which 'this palsy owes to the absence of political will on the part of some States to achieve real advances'.

Also, the diplomat said the Cuban position of defending multilateralism as basic principle of the negotiations on the subject of disarmament.

Rodríguez insisted, also, on the call, for the first time in the history, to an International Conference of High Level of the United Nations on the Nuclear Disarmament, which debit to take place at the latest in 2018. 'We hope that the above mentioned Conference should be held with the support of all and should have a successful result', it supported.

In another topic, the permanent representative urged to stop immediately any plan for the militarization of space.

'We think that the prevention of the arms race in space is a priority, as to avoid the weapon deployment there', it indicated.

A similar position of rejection was expresssed with regard to the secret and illegal employment of computer systems to attack third countries, considering it can provoke international conflicts.

On the other hand, Rodríguez remembered the importance of the 2nd Summit of the Community of the Latin-American and Caribbean States (Celac), in which one declared the region a peace area.

In the above mentioned Proclamation they emphasized the commitment of 33 member countries of the CELAC with the call for nuclear disarmament as a priority, Rodriguez added.

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