President of Cuba calls to safeguard the life of Evo Morales

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President of Cuba calls to safeguard the life of Evo Morales
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10 November 2019
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The president of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, called on the world to mobilize to safeguard the physical integrity and freedom of Evo Morales, victim of a coup d'etat promoted by the Bolivian right backed up by the US Government.

The right with violent and cowardly coup d'etat attempts against democracy in Bolivia. Our strong condemnation of the coup d'etat and our solidarity with the brother president. The world must be mobilized for the life and freedom of Evo, Diaz-Canel wrote in Twitter.

Morales announced on Sunday afternoon his resignation to prevent the escalation of violence, attacks and aggression promoted by opposition leaders Carlos Mesa and Fernando Camacho against followers of his Movement toward Socialism (MAS, in Spanish).

Bolivia's right-wing parties refused to accept the result of the elections of last October 20 in which Morales won the reelection. The right-wing opposition instigated violence since then, and it has been escalating.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba issued a statement in which it strongly denounced the coup and expressed the firm support of the Cuban government and people to Evo Morales and his project of change for the benefit of the people.

The document calls on the International Community to take side with legality and peace, in observance of International Law and the postulates of the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace.

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