Cuba's Charcoal Exports Increase

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Cuba's Charcoal Exports Increase
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22 August 2019
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Cuba's charcoal exports have increased, thus gaining importance for the national economy.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Camagüey province had exported 21,324 tons of charcoal at the end of July, exceeding the production plan by 17,700 tons.

Meanwhile, in Isla de la Juventud municipality, the Jesus Montane Oropesa Agri-Industrial Enterprise exported 300 tons of charcoal in the first seven months of the year.

Of that volume, 285 tons are being received in the port of Mariel, in Havana, to be shipped in containers to Europe, where a ton of charcoal is quoted at 400 dollars, Company Director Tomas Betancourt said.

He pointed out that in the first semester of year, the company reported higher production compared to the entire 2018 period, thus confirming the workers' response to increase their contributions and ensure hard currency when the country need it most. Charcoal is mainly made from sickle bush, which results in an excellent product that is highly demanded by foreign clients, noted Betancourt, who was quoted by the Isla de la Juventud-based digital newspaper Victoria.

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