Cuban Lawmakers Debate Draft Bills

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Cuban Lawmakers Debate Draft Bills
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12 July 2019
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The lawmakers of the People''s Power National Assembly (parliament) are meeting on Friday for consultations on draft bills that will be submitted to the plenary of the legislature over the weekend.

The lawmakers will debate the reports on the Electoral, National Symbols and Fishing acts.

At this assembly, we must approve three laws, which will give coherence to what we have been saying about expanding the legislative exercise to support the new Constitution, President Miguel Diaz-Canel said at Havana's Convention Center, where all ten permanent parliamentary commissions have meet over the past few days.

The Electoral Act is a mandate resulting from the Constitution proclaimed in April and approved by popular vote in a referendum in February.

Regarding the draft bill on Fishing, the president noted that it includes economic stakeholders who emerged in the process to update Cuba's model, like the non-state sector.

He also considered that the National Symbols Act is necessary 'at present, when we are waging a symbolic pitched battle against all colonizing platforms that they want to impose on us to destroy our identity'.

Diaz-Canel described the legislative work these days, at the Third Ordinary Session of the 9th Legislature, as historic, after the new Constitution was approved.

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