Diaz-Canel Recognizes Impact of Fishing Law for Cuban Development

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Diaz-Canel Recognizes Impact of Fishing Law for Cuban Development
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9 July 2019
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel has acknowledged on Monday the benefits for the country''s socioeconomic development of the Fisheries Law analyzed by deputies and that must be soon passed in the Parliament.

When intervening in the debate on this bill, the Cuban President pointed out that it includes the new economic actors emerging from the process of updating Cuba's economic model, such as the non-state sector.

The law-to-be regulates proper fishing ordering, management and control, enhances the rescue of aquaculture, marine species farming and links research and sustainability with environment, Diaz-Canel stated.

At the Havana International Conference Center, where commissions of the National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP) are meeting, Diaz-Canel uttered that debating on this specific regulation was a democratic consultation exercise with deputies and members of fishing communities in the country.

The Deputy Minister of Food-Producing Industry, Iris Quiñones, on the other hand, stressed that the new Fishing Law is in line with international standards and regulations and recognizes that such an entity as the leading one for this economic activity.

The regulations set down fishing methods, have the bases for fishing management and splits sport fishing from recreational fishing, among other issues.

Food-farming and Constitutional and Legal Affairs commissions of the Cuban Parliament consulted 462 deputies and 863 guests to draft the bill.

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