Ethiopia Celebrates Cuba's Friendship with African Peoples

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Ethiopia Celebrates Cuba's Friendship with African Peoples
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9 June 2019
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Addis Ababa, Jun 9 ( Prensa Latina ) Now and always we must celebrate Cuba's friendship with the continent and be proud of our roots in these lands, declared the Cuban ambassador to the African Union (AU), Angel Villa.

At the Africa Day celebration, he added that our ties with the AU and African peoples are natural, firm like those of a mother and her children, and that affection is one of the many reasons that invite us to celebrate it.

The celebration was attended by the AU Commission Vice President, Thomas Kwesi Quartey, and other representatives of the pan-African organization, diplomats accredited in Addis Ababa as well as Ethiopians, members of solidarity groups, and residents, collaborators and members of the Cuban state mission.

Villa also stressed that what Cuba did and does for Africa is a conscious, disinterested act, marked by affection and love for its peoples, to which historical and cultural ties, culinary and religious traditions, relations of brotherhood and solidarity, among other ties, join.

Apart from giving an intelligent overview of the transculturation process that began more than five centuries ago, he also stressed the importance of Cuba fot the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of several African countries.

On 25 May 1963, in Addis Ababa and after a heated debate, the Heads of State and Government of 32 newly emancipated countries created the Organization of African Unity.

As part of its evolution, on July 9, 2002 representatives of 54 states create the AU, also headquartered in this capital, but decided to keep May 25 as Africa Day.

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