Cubans Don't Give Up, says Díaz-Canel after Announced US policies

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Cubans Don't Give Up, says Díaz-Canel after Announced US policies
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18 April 2019
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Cuba trusts its strength and our dignity, assured the president of the island, Miguel Diaz-Canel, following the decision of the United States announced this morning to activate Title III of the Helms-Burton law.

In a message on the social network Twitter, Diaz-Canel said the announcement 'will not change the attitude towards those who hold the sword against us. We Cubans do not surrender, nor do we accept laws concerning our destinies that are outside the Constitution. In Cuba we are the boss. '

'Title III is not worse than Titles I or II, which are all actions against the Cuban people. Nobody is going to make us surrender, neither by seduction nor by force, the Homeland that the the forefathers won on their feet', the Caribbean head of state wrote in another Tweet.

Title III represents the extraterritorial character of Washington's aggressiveness against Cuba and its objective bets on economic suffocation as a method to materialize its desired change of regime in Havana.

The measure in particular seeks to deprive the Caribbean nation of the foreign investment necessary for its socioeconomic development.

The Caribbean head of Government ratified on Wednesday that the Helms-Burton law intensified by the United States to seek a change of regime through the resurgence of the economic blockade cannot be applied, based on what is established in the legal system of the island.

The Foreign Ministry, for its part, recalled in its Twitter account that the Caribbean country approved in 1996, the same year in which the Helms-Burton was enforced, the Law 80 of Reaffirmation of Cuban Dignity and Sovereignty.

The initiative approved by the National Assembly of People's Power declares the anti-Cuban law illegal, unenforceable and without any legal value or effect. 'Consequently, any claim protected by a natural person or business entity, regardless of their citizenship or nationality, is considered null and void,' he says.

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