Congolese Medicine Students Apologize to Cuba

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Congolese Medicine Students Apologize to Cuba
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12 April 2019
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Congolese students studying medicine in Havana apologized to Cuba for the riot in which they were involved, and criticized the political manipulation of their case by the enemies of the Revolution, Cubadebate reports on Friday.

Congolese medical students made such statements through a letter on the web, in which they stated that 'it is very difficult for us to see how our words are used by some people outside their original and real context to serve selfish and defamatory ambitions against the Cuban people', the website indicated.

The future doctors started a protest several days ago to demand from the Government of the Republic of Congo the payment of 27 months late in the stipend, and staged a violent riot on Monday, which forced the Cuban law enforcement authorities to act.

The facts have been manipulated by foreign media from countries which do not recognize the role of Cuba in international solidarity, especially with Third World nations.

'To the enemies of Cuba, who distort our words, we say: we are never going to be that weapon you want to destroy this beautiful homeland', the students refer to, while adding they are the everlasting testimony to keep high the exceptional qualities of this nation.

They also add that the protest was not aimed at criticizing Cuba, but rather at drawing the attention and awakening the conscience of the authorities of their country.

'During these 27 dark months of our history we have only had the support of Cuba and also of our families, in some cases', the Congolese students stress.

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