Cuban Constitution will keep the Revolution Young, Assures Legislator

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Cuban Constitution will keep the Revolution Young, Assures Legislator
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11 April 2019
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The new Constitution proclaimed on Wednesday in Cuba will keep young the Revolution that began in 1959, deputy Jorge Gómez said today in this capital.

'The security of the continuity of the Revolution does not mean stagnation, each new generation will always consider new processes, new possibilities, that is what makes it possible for a Revolution to remain young,' Gómez told Prensa Latina.

In the Havana Convention Center, the parliament member stressed the Magna Carta is a platform to find new ways, because it is a very contemporary document that allows to experiment many variants.

I am from another generation, but there are many young legislators who have good faith and the criteria of what can be done, and this law allows it to be so open, he said.

The Magna Carta has many perspectives and recognizes many rights that happily give the image of what the Cuban Revolution is, emphasized the Antillean musician.

I am very happy with this law, I am very happy to have participated in this process, I was one who debated the most during the discussions, said Gomez.

It is very nice to know that in a way I had participation, and in the most intimate level I feel great rejoicing, confessed the parliament member.

The constitutional text, which replaces that of 1976, will come into force after having been ratified in the ballot box on February 24 by almost seven million Cubans, 86.5 percent of those who can exercise their right to vote.

It establishes changes in the structure of the State, recognizes various forms of property, including private ownership, the importance of foreign investment, strengthens popular power in municipalities and expansds rights and individual and collective guarantees.

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