Cuban National Zoo will receive new animals

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Cuban National Zoo will receive new animals
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10 January 2019
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Cuba National Zoo will receive about 90 animals that will complete the types of species on display in the Eurasian Prairie, which is scheduled for completion this year.

This delivery will materialize through an exchange with the Association of Zoos, Breeders and Aquariums of Mexico, according to information published today in Granma newspaper.

Armando Barrios, institutional communicator of the entity, reported that the group includes specimens of red deer and sika, fallow and white fallow deer, Barbary and dwarf goats and white Bengal tigers.

He indicated that due to their characteristics, these species will constitute an additional attraction for the visitors of the pleasant installation, located in the outskirts of Havana.

The Cuban side will acquire various accessories used in the work of the zoos, such as rifles, darts and pneumatic injection sticks to sedate the animals.

The exchange contemplates the National Zoo sending grant zebras, flamingos, spotted hyenas and leopards to the Mexican Association. (ACN)

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