Cuba, USA Announce Direct and Permanent Postal Exchange

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Cuba, USA Announce Direct and Permanent Postal Exchange
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1 June 2018
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Cuba and the United States agreed today to implement the permanent and direct postal exchange between both countries.

The announcement made by the Correos de Cuba company states that the decision was adopted after the implementation of the Pilot Plan for more than one year for direct exchange between the two nations, as announced in March 2016.

According to the Correos of Cuba Business Group and the Portal Service of the United States, the service in its current format began on April 16, 2018 and takes into account the technical, operational and security requirements identified by the two sides during the execution of the Pilot Plan.

The restoration of this service allows direct mails between Cuba and the United States, parcels, and express courier, through the post offices of both countries.

Through the website, those interested can obtain all information they require about services, rates and regulations, the note of the Institutional Communication Department of the entity states.

At the same time, people can track and monitor shipments with registration code, among other benefits, and includes the possibility of downloading and having the website on Android mobile devices.

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