Cubans in Bolivia Condemn Presence Mercenaries at Summit

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Cubans in Bolivia Condemn Presence Mercenaries at Summit
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14 April 2018
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The Association of Cuban Residents in Bolivia condemned the attitude of the self-appointed representatives of Cuban civil society in the side events of the 8th Summit of the Americas in Peru.

In a statement issued here, they endorsed the Cuban delegation's refusal to 'share spaces with counterrevolutionary elements who do not have the slightest legitimacy by the Cuban people.'

'They have tried to include and give voice in the different forums to mercenaries and terrorists paid by the government of the United States with the approval of OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro,' the text adds.

The Cubans living in this South American nation ratified the sentence heard in those spaces which demands 'Do not mess with Cuba!'

They also pointed out that no people can be worthily represented 'by traders at the service of foreign governments.'

They added that the members of Cuban civil society attending the event are a broad representation of all sectors of the country, including athletes, intellectuals, students and scientists.

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